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“It’s like a bar of chocolate! You can’t put it down. It keeps pulling you in! You just have to keep dipping in and having another bit, and then another bit, and then another bit when you have digested that. It’s pure TRUTH, just FABULOUS! This will wake the World UP! Just what it needs!” Richard from Essex

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I liked the book very much. I liked the style chosen to write it. Very unique and original. Loved the illustrations. I can barely fathom what Lord ARA must have endured when he lived in this ancient land in 750 B.C. For someone of his magnitude and high energy, it must have been a constant suffering seeing the lowest degradation of human behavior around him. As I was reading, I felt his pain, anger and discomfort. I am glad you published the real version of his life on this earth with his mission. Adelmo from Texas

For the First Time in History, the very noble, courageous & charismatic leadership of the mystical & legendary 6th. Century Anglo-Romano KING ARTHURE of Wessex, Avalon & Angleland is revealed to a Spiritual Medium in Glastonbury, to be published in Two Books, Part I & Part II of HIS fascinating channelled Autobiography.

In Part I here, HE reveals a previously unknown window into HIS Life as the Merlin of HIS Day, lived in Bronze Age Briton, in Tintagara (Tintagel), a town HE founded on the North Coast of Dumnonia (Cornwall); to prepare the way for the Coming of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH, known as ‘The Nazarene’ with HIS Great-Uncle, St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN to this Sacred Isle. Known then as ARA The GOOD, HE describes how HE built the First Nazarean Essene Monastery & Cathedral in this Ancient Land & started the Spiritual Training of some of HIS later to be Knights of the Round Table as the First Celtic Saints. To quote ARA,

“The ESSENE were BORN here in these ISLES!”

ARA gives a vivid description of what happened when HE received the Miraculous HOLY GRAIL of great renowned & describes who was present with HIM at that Time in Avalon; what IT looked like; who made IT; what ITS structure is made up of; the Divine Purpose for IT being gifted to this Planet; & where IT is buried.

We get to glimpse a personal & deeply private side of KING ARTHURE that had been previously lost in the Mystical Mists of Avalon during the past 1,500 Years: HIS incredibly hard working Devotional Life’s Service to GOD & HIS sweet & radiantly Loving charismatic Personality. Speaking as ARA The GOOD in this Volume, HE reveals many amazing new facts as to Who this truly Enlightened Being really was, is & ever shall remain, that continues to be Loved World over & continues to Live in the Heart of all Mankind. A Book to truly stretch the Mind with all its many twists & turns in many pleasant & unexpected ways. 

You’re the PATH to FREEDOM and LOVE. Get this Book OUT to the WORLD and make Them LOOK at Their Lives and Practices of TODAY! It is Their LAST RIGHT to LIFE!!! GO for it. Reach ALL You CAN, FAR and WIDE! The TRUTHS of GOD are IMMACULATE to Her and ALL LIFE! With One BREATH, It can sweep the Land this Book and reach the Hearts of MEN! That is why I have WRITTEN it for You and come BACK! I waited ALL, MY, LIFE, for Your RETURN and now You have come BACK!”




on the 22nd. May, 2017


KING ARTHURE has done it again! Every time I think HE can’t surprise me anymore, HE does it again! Two friends came over for the evening to the Centre that had just come back from visiting a new crop circle that appeared in Dorset on the 22nd. May, 2017 by the Cerne Abbas Giant, nr. Minterne Magna, in Dorset. Ricardo and Marianne showed me some photographs of it they had taken yesterday upon their visit as they seem to have a strong affinity to all crop circles that appear on our Planet at this time. He said, “This one is different. The crop isn’t completely flattened like all the former ones that have appeared in this country. In this one, the crop is just bent at the stem without snapping it off, so it appears a foot lower that the rest of the design giving it prominence. He then said, “It has the Virgin Mary in it!”

KING ARTHURE joined us at that moment in the room bathed in HIS beautiful bright Amethyst coloured CHRIST RAY LIGHT at that moment and said, “No. It is not the Virgin Mary depicted in this crop circle, it is Mary Magdalene MY Daughter!” In other words, me! This appeared near Minterne Magna the very day that KING ARTHURE’S first autobiography was made live on my book publishers bookshop website internationally for HIM, that I had Spiritually Channelled for HIM last Autumn. ARTHURE speaks in HIS book just released about my being ‘The Magdalene’ HIS Daughter. I had kept that fact quiet for over 60 years except to a few of my closest friends that had already been told by Spirit that this was so, and now HE has spread the news far and wide in the world well and truly that I am here. HE told me my life was going to change dramatically last Autumn and that HE wanted me to do much more teaching, but I never saw HIM launching HIS new autobiographical book THIS WAY! After the shock of what HE had done had worn off tonight, I must have to admit, I just had to start to laugh! HE has always been amazing and ever shall HE REMAIN that bless HIM.

The inner circle around my body in this crop circle depicted here is just a normal outline of anybodies Spiritual Aura. The two inter-locking outer circles HE told me tonight were representative of the perfect balance between my Spirit and my Soul Body that I have earned from walking for many lifetimes as a Nazarite Essene in the WAY of LORD YESHUA that HE and I serve. The 12 CHRIST LIGHT RAYS written about in my first book emanating out of this crop circle figure are the twelve crowns worn in the Auric Field of ‘The Magdalene’/ St. Mary of Bethany, LORD YESHUA’S Beloved Companion, then and still now on High. She is holding Excalibur/ Escabeurre that she has earned the right to hold as a qualified Knight of HIS legendary Nazarean Essene inter-dimensional Round Table of GOD. Beneath that are represented the Sun and the Moon as spoken about her in the Book of Revelations 12: 1 prophecy that is currently being fulfilled upon the World’s stage as I write this now.

The many of the newly taken photographs of this amazing new crop circle are copyrighted and so I can’t put them up on this website, but if you follow this web link, you will be able to see them all for yourselves.

I guess HE has blown my cover now, but how can anybody not LOVE WORKING WITH SPIRIT! ESPECIALLY my BELOVED LORD’S ARTHURE and YESHUA!

Peace be with you all.
Rev. Sister Dominic, ‘The Magdalene’

2nd. June, 2017

Maitreya Mary Magdalene in Trance Speaks LIVE. ‘The Peace Path’ by I AM THE LORD CHRIST
With his references to King Arthure and ‘The Magdalene’

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by Rev Sister Dominic with Steve Lee

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Also available from Amazon and all good book shops internationally.